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About us

Our Organization

We explore the vulnerabilities and inequities inherent in current structures of global food supply chains; and identify and empower the enablers to achieve more equitable, fair, and inclusive supply chains.
Our vision is just and equitable food systems that value people and the planet.
We achieve this by providing the inter-disciplinary, innovative, scientific, multi-stakeholder and collaborative approaches needed to challenge system inequity and injustice in food value chains.

Our team

Our team

We are ambitious, world-leading, disruptive change-makers,

with the following values in common:



 We each have an equal voice



Co-creation is the answer



We challenge injustice


Respect and care

For values and practices

If you would like to explore future collaborations with us, please contact our Founder and Director, Dr Ingrid Kelling.

Dr Ingrid Kelling holds a PhD in sustainable and ethical aquaculture trade and has over 20 years’ experience building equity and inclusion into international seafood supply chains. She works with decision makers and partners from industry, civil society and policy, building on the latest research, to co-create solutions that promote long-term positive change and wellbeing. Ingrid has previously worked at the European Parliament, OECD, WorldFish Center and Unilever ICF, and now holds several executive leadership industry positions.

Dr Ingrid Kelling

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